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App UX

Posted on: 04/25/2018| Source: http://www.hrtechnologist.com

HR Technologist said, "It's important to understand that UX isn't just user-friendly interfaces and a smart look-and-feel. It also involves applying intelligent business rules that help simplify jobs and push engagement and productivity." Apps need to focus on UX to make sure they have extended value - and that they actually address the needs of the user. When creating a solution for businesses, make sure the employees can actually complete the tasks. These may seem obvious, but these concepts can't be left behind when creating a product or an app. 

User experience (UX) doesn't necessarily mean only user-friendly interfaces and a great look-and-feel of user screens. Here's what you should know As modern enterprises embrace sophisticated HRMS solutions, most HR teams and vendors are now...[Read More]
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