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When you don't want to be noticed

Posted on: 03/12/2018| Source: http://www.forbes.com

Everyone wants to stand out. The goal with most projects is to be new, unique, and exciting! With UX, however, the goal is to go unnoticed. A writer for Forbes said, "As a digital designer, my aim is to create an experience that is smooth and graceful and helpful. And if I am truly doing my job well, no one should really detect the UX and design efforts – the site should just work well and give users what they want." Great UX appears effortless, no matter how much work went into it. Your goal is truly to make the user's experience as easy and effortless as possible. 

As the plane descends over Queens, you get a tense feeling. You are about to land at LaGuardia airport. The hallways will be slow moving and chaotic. The waiting areas overcrowded. Your Lyft will be stuck in traffic. Definitely not an optimum experience. Visiting...[Read More]
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