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Tips from an Apple designer

Posted on: 11/13/2017| Source: http://www.wamda.com

Willy Lai (a recent Apple user experience design director) has some great design tips we wanted to share!  According to him, first experiences are even more important than first impressions. Getting feedback from your users is also vital. "Rather than guessing and debating how users might perceive or respond to your product, get actual user feedback of your product early throughout the product development process.This gives you the opportunity to course correct a bad user experience before you launch your product." Design for user context and form factor, and make sure you choose the right mobile strategy. Click the link for more in-depth information on these tips!

We recently caught up with Willy Lai, a recent Apple user experience design director based in Silicon Valley who is teaching a user experience (UX) design workshop in Dubai in November. We asked him what tips he could offer to entrepreneurs looking to...[Read More]
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