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Working with different B2B Service Design users

Posted on: 07/14/2017| Source: http://blog.prototypr.io

B2C and B2B services have some similarities and differences that should be taken into account when designing for users. Always try to pull in the users, keep them engaged, and make your service worthwhile. However, with B2B businesses specifically you have to target multiple users while B2C is generally targeted toward just one. More than anything, you must, “provide a way to fulfill a task better, quicker, cheaper or more effective than was previously possible by its users.” This is true for all different user types within the business. This article does a nice job of taking a holistic view of all user types in a given organization.

This article explores different user-types in B2B Service Design. It will give you an overview of who you are designing your B2B service for, how user-types are interrelated and what role emotional and social jobs play in the B2B context. [Read More]
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