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Cut the Clutter

Posted on: 10/31/2017| Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com

The proof is in the pudding. Actually, it's in the research. A study of 300 eCommerce sites reveals less clutter is more sticky. Apparently, users are more apt to stick around if they have an understanding of what the site does. Weird. "The machine learning algorithm was derived from a study where EyeQuant had thousands of people rate different websites for clarity–their data was used to generate an algorithm that he says is at least 85% accurate." Keep it simple, keep it clean, and people will probably stay on your page longer.

You’re looking for rental cars, concert tickets, or shoes online. On some websites, you stick around and look for awhile; on others, you can’t get away fast enough. In all likelihood, the websites you were drawn to were visually clean,...[Read More]
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