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Product design does not equal Dribble

Posted on: 07/27/2017| Source: http://blog.prototypr.io

A look into the interview exercises WeWork gives to product design applicants. It’s worth thinking about how you would solve some of these, regardless of your role. We’re all product people! Thinking more about the visual element of design over its functionality has, “created the wrong perception in the minds of many entry-level designers — that “Product Design = Dribbble.” Whiteboard exercises can help entry-level designers build their portfolio and practice product thinking. These are also a great way for companies to assess a job candidate’s skills, critical thinking, and performance under pressure.

Use these exercises to practice your product-thinking skills and learn how we test our design candidates. The design community is lucky to have so many great resources like Dribbble, Behance, Daily UI etc. These resources allow...[Read More]
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