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Tips to present your design decisions

Posted on: 10/02/2017| Source: http://uxplanet.org

Here is a 5-step guide to effectively presenting design decisions - because “I just think so” doesn’t always go far enough to convince clients. First, make sure you take time to define the goals of your presentation. By defining the feedback you are seeking, the presentation has a better chance of staying on topic. Then, set the context by introducing the user, describing the use case scenario, and explaining the context of use. Focus on the user problem, then introduce the solution. Then, provide the next steps. “To lead a discussion and avoid irrelevant questions. Give listeners the future vision of the product and remind them of the current priorities.”

Designers explain design decisions every day. Sometimes a presentation can decline into a fruitless pattern of never-ending questions or irrelevant recommendations. This framework helps to: keep listeners focused on crucial aspects ensure everyone...[Read More]
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