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When flat design falls flat

Posted on: 10/02/2017| Source: http://www.nngroup.com

So, it turns out buttons that have a bit more depth (more signifiers) are actually easier to find. According to a Nielsen study, it takes users on average 22% longer to find buttons that lack good signifiers. Users don’t like confusion, and they definitely do not like when their time is wasted. BUT, if you know what you’re doing in other aspects of the design, you have a better chance at successfully using a flat button design. “In general, if you have an experienced UX team that cares about user research, you’ll do better with a flat design than other product teams that don’t. If your designs are already strong, any potential weakness introduced by flat design will be mitigated.”

Summary: Flat interfaces often use weak signifiers. In an eyetracking experiment comparing different kinds of clickability clues, UIs with weak signifiers required more user effort than strong ones.   The popularity of flat design in...[Read More]
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