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Sayspring for design

Posted on: 10/02/2017| Source: http://www.subtraction.com

You heard voice is a thing now? And we have to crafting experiences for voice? Yea, sounds hard. Luckily some nice folks made a neat tool to help. Sayspring is a great tool, and can help even those without experience in UI or bots see results quickly. The Sayspring CEO said, “What’s needed to fulfill the promise of this powerful new medium is not a focus on how to build for voice, but what are we building, why are we building it, and who is it for?” Every product should have a strong design approach right from the get-go, including voice projects.

Of the major technological shifts that designers are all constantly being told we need to prepare for, the idea of voice assistants becoming a major method for interacting with computers fascinates me most, in no small part because it seems the most inevitable....[Read More]
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