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Collaborate with Freehand

Posted on: 08/15/2017| Source: http://www.invisionapp.com

Freehand is a real-time, draw-over-each-other collaboration tool, and it is now a part of InVision. One user said, “With Freehand, we can quickly create, discuss, and save our notes from our feedback sessions. Being able to access Freehand directly from InVision has made it a lot easier to collaborate in real time.” It includes tools such as draw, write, sketch, and comment and can help you collaborate on wireframing, planning, design presentations, and feedback. Follow the link to watch the video on the website and see this tool in action.

Freehand is an entirely new way to creatively collaborate in InVision. Wireframing, planning, design presentations, and feedback—do it all with Freehand. [Read More]
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