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Tech companies positively impacting the workforce

Posted on: 12/12/2017| Source: http://www.theatlantic.com

Many jobs are becoming automated - but tech companies can help. "One way for these tech leaders to expand the support they offer to potentially displaced workers would be to fund education programs at postsecondary institutions. Robotics innovators, for example, could subsidize programs at colleges that help students learn how to repair and manage robots." IBM was offering job training back in 1981. Workers with jobs affected by computers could go train for valuable skills like programming and data entry. Tech companies will have a huge impact on this area of the workforce in the coming years, and it could be a very positive one. 

By the time IBM introduced its personal computer in 1981, the company’s “Job Training Program” was 13 years old. Secretaries and other administrative professionals across the country—workers whose jobs were affected by...[Read More]
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