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iMac Pro focusing on creative professionals

Posted on: 12/12/2017| Source: http://techcrunch.com

Apple is heavily focusing on creative professionals with it's iMac Pro release. It has all the bells and whistles - for $4,999. Reviews so far are positive. A photographer said, “I found a very consistent set of results: a 2X to 3X boost in speed (relative to my current iMac and MacBook Pro 15”) a noticeable leap from most generational jumps that are generally ten times smaller.” Apple's target audience with this launch is clear. "The new system is an attempt to take one of the Apple’s most popular lines into a brand new category, all while embracing a longtime core audience. It also comes as Apple looks to the future of content creation."

It seems like forever ago that Apple first teased the iMac Pro, the souped up, professional grade version of its all-in-one. Announced back at WWDC, the company promised the computer would arrive sometime in December, and in spite a few months of...[Read More]
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