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Should IoT toys with security flaws be banned?

Posted on: 11/16/2017| Source: http://techcrunch.com

First of all, IoT furbies are terrifying enough on their own. A Furby connect with IoT capabilities? Count me out! This toy comes with some serious security concerns. "External security researchers also thought it would be possible for someone to re-engineer its firmware to turn the toy into a listening device due to a vulnerability they found in the toy’s design (which it’s not publicly disclosing)." Along with these concerns with the Furby Connect and other similar toys comes a push to ban their sale for safety reasons in the UK. Parents are being warned about these security concerns. This just shows that IoT security is a very real and important concern in certain markets. Always check the security of your products!

Ahead of 2017’s present buying season, UK consumer rights group Which? has warned parents about the risks of giving connected toys to their children, and called for devices with known security and/or privacy risks to be banned from sale...[Read More]
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