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Next in IOT - a smart toilet?

Posted on: 04/12/2018| Source: http://www.techrepublic.com

A smart toilet? Now I've seen everything! The next big innovation in IoT could actually be a toilet that monitors your health. Ted Smith told Tech Republic, "My money is on the toilet, just to be clear, based on biometrics, considering all that can be done by sampling by what's going on with someone, believe it or not, we can learn a lot about your health with a smart toilet." IoT is revolutionizing healthcare and preventative strategies. Though many think of it only in tech, IoT is making an impact across many industries! 

New York-based Dan Patterson, of TechRepublic and ZDNet, spoke with Louisville, Kentucky-based Ted Smith, CEO of Revon Systems about the digital innovations that will change healthcare, including, perhaps, how the most revolutionary insight into healthcare...[Read More]
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