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Update on IoT

Posted on: 11/16/2017| Source: http://www.forbes.com

No surprise - IoT is being adopted by many businesses. The industries currently heading this charge are manufacturing, consulting, business services, and distribution & logistics. The two most common focuses with IoT adoption are growing revenue and increasing competitive advantage. "The most successful IoT advocates or early adopters evangelize the many benefits of IoT initiatives from a revenue growth position first. IoT early adopters are more likely to see and promote the value of better decision-making, improved operational efficiencies, increased competitive advantage, growth in revenues, and enhanced customer service when BI adoption excels, setting the foundation for IoT initiatives to succeed." These trends are definitely expected to continue, and we should be seeing more businesses using IoT in the coming years.

Manufacturing, Consulting, Business Services and Distribution & Logistics are the top four industries leading IoT adoption. Growing revenue and increasing competitive advantage are the highest priority Business Intelligence (BI) objectives IoT...[Read More]
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