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Gucci's mobile app strategy

Posted on: 11/19/2017| Source: http://digiday.com

Gucci is taking a different approach than many other businesses with branded apps, especially in fashion. They recently rolled out some new features on their app for the holiday season, including a gift guide. "While mobile apps take a lot more convincing to use and are typically only adopted by the most loyal customers, Gucci’s strategy is to position the mobile app to usher in direct e-commerce sales, as well as push people to visit Gucci stores." They are seeing tremendous growth across the board, but especially in online sales. While this is not typical of luxury fashion brands, they are proving that this strategy can work when executed well.

As the mobile apps of other fashion brands either disappear from the app store or collect dust, Gucci is making the effort to send shoppers in the holiday spirit to its branded app. On Tuesday, Gucci added new features to its mobile app to celebrate...[Read More]
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