> Strategy > Launch Lessons: How Tinder, Reddit, Airbnb, Etsy and Uber got their first users


Posted on: 09/07/2017| Source: http://medium.freecodecamp.org

A collection of inspiring stories about how some unicorns got their first few users. Airbnb decided to focus on localization, targeting large events like conferences or concerts. Reddit had a fake it until you make it strategy, which obviously worked for them. They made fake accounts to interact with each other and invested only in stickers featuring logo. Etsy’s strategy was to give people what they wanted, because people were already requesting a space for handmade crafts. Uber persuaded people to talk about their awesome experiences. Paul Graham said, “All you need from a launch is some initial core of users. How well you’re doing a few months later will depend more on how happy you made those users than how many there were of them.”

This summer, I’ve been working on getting pre-launch buzz for a real estate startup called Suuty. This lead to lots of Googling about what kinds of strategies other disruptive companies have used to get their first users. A number of stories I found...[Read More]
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