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How to best execute a slider tool

Posted on: 07/14/2017| Source: http://ilyabirman.net

This article gives an incredibly detailed look into what makes a slider tool work… and what doesn’t. Open it up to try all different slider tools while reading about their differences. A large problem with many sliders is the difficulty of grabbing the small handles or aiming to click thin groove lines. Try the “Continuous Feedback” section sliders if you dare, but prepare to feel frustrated. The slow data ones are even worse! In the end, which do you like better, the full continuous feedback or the partial continuous feedback? I personally prefer partial continuous feedback because it’s more chill. As the article said, “Please show this to your web development team.”

A slider is a simple user interface control where you adjust some value by dragging a handle in a groove. Most web developers can’t get it right. You may think that there is not much you can fail at with such...[Read More]
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