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What do you know about colors?

Posted on: 11/03/2017| Source: http://uxplanet.org

Read up for some cool facts about colors! Did you know that men tend to prefer bold colors and women generally prefer soft colors? Possibly. But, did you know that blue can invoke feelings of trust and relaxation? "These details of findings make you understand when coming to product design why designers tend to use the blue color as much as they can in their applications and use less orange color." If might also explain why so many people say blue is their favorite color! When designing for anything, do some research about what colors will fit your project best. You may be surprised!

Color is a beautiful thing that creates different emotions in humans. We see things and differentiate similar objects with the use of color. We feel colors as an object that creates different emotions when seen. Colors produced in the visual system of...[Read More]
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