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Changes in notifications

Posted on: 08/14/2017| Source: http://trydesignlab.com

Notifications can be misleading to users (looking at you, LinkedIn), but we can use them instead to provide value. “Our phones no longer just alert us to calls and texts; they now remind us about game activity, tell us when people are tweeting, and nag us to take our 10,000 daily steps. Unlike doorbells, the things that today’s apps and websites deem worthy of a notification often don’t really require our immediate attention at all.” Instead of being manipulative, notifications can be extremely helpful when used correctly. The tech/life balance of users needs to be considered, along with the level of annoyance and what notifications users actually engage with.

Have you ever had a nightmare where you were literally drowning in little red notification badges? I did once, and it got me thinking: what actually are notifications? And are they just another dark pattern – a form of coercion and online trickery?...[Read More]
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