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A critical thinking research tool by Airbnb

Posted on: 09/05/2017| Source: http://airbnb.design

Airbnb’s design team made a super-theory approach to critical thinking. They’re calling it “a research tool for conscientious creatives” and it is about designing for everyone using three guiding principles. Balance your bias by learning your lenses, figuring out if your are confirming or challenging your assumptions, double checking the details, and asking yourself if you are holding onto something that should be let go. Consider the opposite and embrace a growth mindset by asking yourself a series of questions listed on the website. As the site says, “Keep asking the right questions.”

A research tool for conscientious creatives How can you design for everyone without understanding the full picture? To help examine how bias influences our worldview, Airbnb Design partnered with News Deeply, a journalism startup dedicated to providing...[Read More]
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