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Alexa gets some help

Posted on: 10/02/2017| Source: http://techcrunch.com

Sometimes Alexa just gets stumped. But with a new update, she’ll recommend 3rd-party Skills she thinks will help users get what they’re looking for. This has the potential to improve user experiences and help them find apps that suit their needs. By learning about these 3rd-party skills, Alexa is learning how to better help users find what they want. An Amazon spokesperson said, “We are excited for this feature to expand and to roll out to more customers over time to help them discover new skills and get information through Alexa.” This strategy will address a problem we covered earlier on FUZZ news about Alexa having too many skills and discovery becoming an issue.

Amazon is making it easier for Echo and Alexa-powered device owners to find voice apps that extend the functionality of its virtual assistant. The company recently launched a new feature that has Alexa making suggestions of third-party skills to try in...[Read More]
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