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Posted on: 09/12/2017| Source: http://medium.com

Yes, making estimates sucks. But this smarty has a process for "accuratizing software estimation." Engineers tend to be optimistic when it comes to estimations, which leads to estimations that turn out inaccurate. Enter, Estipad. “A realistic and totally reasonable sequence of estimation padding multipliers that fully account for real-world engineering situations.” This factors in optimism, the unknown, time off, team offsites, meetings, mentoring, turnover, re-scoping, and the fudge factor. Check out the article for more detailed descriptions of these factors. By multiplying everything by 512, you will have a more accurate timeline estimate. “When an engineer tells you a project will take a week, you should automatically convert that to twenty years in your head. And on your client proposal.” Gotcha! Happy estimating!

One of the most difficult things for modern software companies to deal with, besides cleaning up after dog accidents in hip, pet-friendly offices, is predicting the cost and implementation time for products that they make. Executives and marketing people...[Read More]
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