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Iterative approach - mobile strategy

Posted on: 12/05/2017| Source: http://mobilebusinessinsights.com

Sometimes it pays to take it slow. Paying attention to the wants and needs of your users is incredibly important and should be at the forefront of any project. "The success of any mobile app is defined by its wide adoption by users, and this context shift might be deterrent to its adoption. You can address this by making a steady transition to the full-fledged app by adding features incrementally while incorporating feedback from the shorter initial version." Get everyone on board, find out what your users want, and always make sure the app is as intuitive and user friendly as possible. 

Have you ever wished for a feature you could incorporate into your favorite mobile app but you continued using the app even without that feature? A great example of this scenario is the message recall feature on WhatsApp. Users wanted a way to...[Read More]
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