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How much do you love FUZZ?

Posted on: 09/05/2017| Source: http://blog.prototypr.io

Here are some thoughts and tips on asking non-leading questions in user interviews. “The best insights can come from users, but if we’re not careful in how we ask them questions, we can load them up with our biases before they have a chance to share their own.” A good strategy is to use as few words as possible to start the conversation such as, “How would you use this?” or “What would you do with this information?” BY THE WAY, the answer to “How much do you love FUZZ?” is “immensely, tremendously, and ever-so-much.”

Question design for user interviews is an art. We interview users because want to gain insights by learning from their experiences. Ideally we want to get them talking and keep talking, as they traverse a card sort, a prototype, or a series of...[Read More]
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