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How to develop personalities for bots

Posted on: 07/17/2017| Source: http://blog.prototypr.io

“Every bot has a voice — which means every bot needs a personality.” This article is a guide to developing bot personalities. It even goes so far as to assign the bot a Myers–Briggs personality type. That Dominoes bot is so ESFP. By creating a personality for your bot, it makes them more relatable and believable to the user. Your bot must represent the brand and image you are trying to convey, just like an ad or an employee. Build the bot in reverse by considering the bot’s job and the target audience first, then the personality can be created. The last step will be actually translating all that work into a dialogue format.

Conversational interfaces have reduced user experience down to a few lines of text. With bots, UX becomes conversational, products talk back, and persona’s now go both ways. Every bot has a voice — which means every bot needs a personality. [Read More]
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