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Why you should move away from “As a user”

Posted on: 08/15/2017| Source: http://blog.prototypr.io

This is a call to move away from the standard user story structure to something that adds a bit more humanity and goal clarity. The problem with, “ As a _user_ I want to _perform an action_ so I can _achieve an end result_.” is that users don’t identify as users. It leads to boring story structures and misses key elements by not thinking deeper into the experience. Be more descriptive when coming up with users so that they become human instead. And remember, “No one ever wants to click a button.”

This is great in theory, but writing good user stories is harder than it sounds. I’ve seen well-meaning product, design, and engineering folks take this approach to user stories and interpret them as magic words. Somehow, as long as we begin our...[Read More]
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