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The iPhone 8 release was… different

Posted on: 10/11/2017| Source: http://mashable.com

Even at the iPhone 8 release, all the talk is about the iPhone X. This article is a firsthand account of the chatter in the New York City Apple stores on the day of the iPhone 8 release. The historically long lines for a new iPhone release were almost nonexistent, and even some customers that showed up for the release are actually waiting for the iPhone X. It may be pricey, but the features and the hype are leading Apple fans to look past the price tag. The result was a very boring release day for the iPhone 8. We’ll check back in when the X is released November 3.

Apple had a coming-out party for the iPhone 8 this morning, but barely anyone showed up.   The new phones are officially available to buy at Apple Stores, carrier stores, and online (pre-orders started a week ago), which for...[Read More]
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