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iPhone X: Green line of death

Posted on: 11/13/2017| Source: http://techcrunch.com

If you just paid a thousand dollars for a phone, the last thing you want is a green line of death! Some iPhone X owners are reporting mysterious green lines showing up on their displays, which is definitely not good. "It seems likely that an electrical fault in a few phones is causing voltage to flow to all the green sub-pixels in a line. That it stretches all the way from top to bottom suggests it’s something at the edge of the display that’s sending an incorrect voltage down a few lines of pixels (if it were just one line of sub-pixels, it would appear much thinner). The line tends to be close to the right or left side of the phone, but that’s harder to diagnose." If this happens to you, don't fret! Just take it in to get a replacement. 

It wouldn’t be the launch of a first-generation Apple product without a few hiccups — who can forget Antennagate and Bendgate? — and the iPhone X is no different. A handful of users report that a mysterious and inextinguishable...[Read More]
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