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Using the iPhone one handed keyboard

Posted on: 04/30/2018| Source: http://www.tekrevue.com

We get to accustomed to typing on our phones that sometimes change can be difficult. However, if you have ever had difficulty typing on your iPhone with one hand there is another solution! iOS 11 has a nifty one handed feature. First click the smiley face on the bottom row of your keyboard. "On the bottom of the list are three keyboard symbols. The one in the middle signifies the standard full-size keyboard, but the ones on the right and left are the new one-handed iPhone keyboards. Tap the one on the right to shift the keyboard to the right for right-handed usage, and tap the icon on the left for left-handed usage." They even took lefties into account! Let those thumbs fly!

The iPhone’s virtual keyboard works great when you can hold the device with both hands and use your thumbs to type. But much of the time, users only have a single hand free. It’s still possible to type on the iPhone one-handed, but it can...[Read More]
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