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Finding and cancelling iOS subscriptions

Posted on: 11/27/2017| Source: http://www.cnet.com

If you have any recurring subscriptions to your iOS apps, you will eventually need to find where to cancel them. The location changed this year so if you're confused, you aren't the only one. First, go to settings and click iTunes & App Store. Then select your Apple ID and View Apple ID. Makes sense, right? Nope. After you sign in with your passcode or Touch ID, scroll to find subscriptions. You can manage and cancel from there! "Obviously it would be a lot easier if iOS 11 would let you search for "subscriptions" in the Settings app (where you can search for just about everything else), but currently that's not an option."

All done with HBO Now for, er, now? Did you decide Apple Music wasn't for you? Or an online magazine? It's no problem to cancel iTunes-based subscriptions like these -- provided you know where to find the cancellation option. The...[Read More]
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