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iPhone X glitches

Posted on: 02/05/2018| Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

The much-anticipated iPhone X is having some issues. Users have reported the phone display is freezing or not waking up, resulting in problems answering or hanging up calls. This has included some awfully embarrassing butt dials to emergency services - then being unable to hang up! Yikes! Forbes said, "Rounding things off is a less serious third call-related bug which stops iPhone X owners from quitting apps while they are in a call." This isn't as big of an issue as, you know, accidentally calling 911. Moral of the story -  rigorously test your products before release!

You may be able to unlock the £999 iPhone X with your face, but this is not much good if it cannot take calls.  That is the latest grumble among Apple customers, thanks to a software glitch that is freezing the phone display.   Apple's...[Read More]
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