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User feedback you shouldn’t listen to

Posted on: 08/02/2017| Source: http://fuzzproductions.com

Everyone's a critic - but how do you sort through all the user feedback to find the important information? If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, take a step back and remember why you created this product to begin with. Are the users responding negatively using your app properly? Are there just a few customers that are not satisfied but very vocal? Weigh the feedback based on the source, someone that just downloaded your app a day or two before is less insightful than a VIP user. Then, test your assumptions before trusting your gut and making necessary changes.

There’s no avoiding the fact that we live in a hyperopinionated world where every consumer is a critic. Some sites like Amazon even ask customers, “Was this review helpful to you?” Even reviews are getting reviewed these days.  [Read More]
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