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What is the next step for VR?

Posted on: 01/08/2018| Source: http://www.adweek.com

What needs to come first for VR? Is it mass hardware adoption or compelling content? "According to an IDC study, lack of content coupled with high costs stands as the main hurdle for 64 percent of potential headset buyers surveyed." It currently looks like consumers don't want to buy a headset until there is more content but media companies don't want to create more content until they have a larger audience! One possible solution is lowering the price of the headsets, which seems to be happening already. In the end, however, content is always king. “The mass consumer isn’t going to love VR for the sake of VR. They’re going to love it because the things that they already love can be found there.”

Each January, tech experts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas peer into their crystal balls and declare that “this is the year of something.” For about 10 years, it was the “year of mobile.” After that it was the...[Read More]
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