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Keep an eye on these three projects

Posted on: 11/19/2017| Source: http://www.bdcnetwork.com

Virtual reality is getting a lot of hype in the news, which can make it hard to keep an eye on exciting new projects. Building Design + Construction thinks you should watch these three projects, which are truly impressive. Yulio technologies is developing a heat mapping tool with VR. Vizible is helping conduct meetings in VR when meeting in person is not possible. "Once in the meeting, built-in avatars and tools like laser pointers and measuring tapes pinpoint what is being discussed and accurately conveys it to other members of the project team or clients." Last, Mortenson Construction is developing a tool that will use VR to assist in construction coordination.

A huge variable when it comes to designing interior spaces is trying to determine where people will actually look when they enter or spend time in a space. In an effort to avoid unintended focal points, some architects and designers use heat mapping as...[Read More]
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