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Where Google wants to take AR

Posted on: 01/23/2018| Source: http://www.androidauthority.com

Google is putting some serious effort into AR lately. They have not only created a prototype for viewing AR, they created a space for developers to create content. But what is their vision for the future? "The goal is to blend AR content with static content like a news article. When a user scrolls down to an AR element, the model slightly rotates in response to the movement. On mobile, an AR button appears in the bottom right corner, and tapping it activates a phone’s camera." Download it and play around! Why not? 

Google is bringing augmented reality to your web browser. The company has been pushing AR for a few years now through Tango and more recently ARCore.  Back at Google I/O 2017, it announced that AR would be available...[Read More]
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