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AR Cloud

Posted on: 01/08/2018| Source: http://www.forbes.com

There is augmented reality, and there is the cloud, but what is an AR cloud? It doesn't exist yet, but Matt Miesnieks thinks it will be as valuable as Google's search index. "The ARCloud can be thought of as a machine-readable 1:1 scale model of the real world. Our AR devices are the real-time interface to this parallel virtual world which is perfectly overlaid onto the physical world." Experts think that the missing link to AR is connection. Some believe that AR will truly take hold when multiple users can see the same thing at the same time! 

Yesterday, Ori Inbar's guest post The Search Engine Of AR introduced the idea of the AR Cloud. Today, Matt Miesnieks follows up on the implications and challenges of building it. If you were asked what is the single most valuable asset...[Read More]
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