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AR Toys without the goggles

Posted on: 01/08/2018| Source: http://www.cnet.com

If you want the fun of virtual/augmented reality but you're uncomfortable with the goggles on your face, we have some good news! New toys are coming out that skip the goggles entirely! "Merge already makes a low-cost pair of VR goggles for phones, but this blaster gun adds six degree of freedom (6DoF) tracking that phone-connected headsets have a hard time with anyway, meaning you can walk around with it, duck and aim quickly. Merge calls this VR without a headset. It's not, though: It's AR, with a clever toy accessory." We definitely expect to see more of these toys created soon!

Maybe the next wave of AR toys will avoid your face entirely. Merge's 6DoF Blaster looks like a Laser Tag gun and uses a phone. And that's basically what it is: Laser Tag, for AR. It shouldn't be surprising, since Apple's ARKit...[Read More]
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