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Making AR and VR available to more users

Posted on: 11/19/2017| Source: http://venturebeat.com

As of right now AR and VR are novelties, but how will they fit into our daily lives? It could be used to assist workers in the manufacturing field or even surgeons learning how to remove an appendix? "Say you’re out shopping for a new shirt or a cleaning product or a gaming console – what if simply by looking at competing items we could see beyond just cost and aesthetics, but also understand and compare their relative environmental impacts?" This technology certainly has the ability to enhance, but will it only be available to the rich? We should certainly consider how to make it available to more users from all backgrounds. 

As we prepare to open this new floodgate of information and engage with complex data in the context of the world around us, it’s worth pausing to look at what the potential impact of augmented and virtual reality might be in our everyday lives....[Read More]
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