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Projects utilizing AR and Blockchain

Posted on: 11/19/2017| Source: http://themerkle.com

These five projects are combining AR and Blockchain to create some amazing results! Decentraland is all about exploration and immersion in a 3D world. Indiesquare is working on Bitcoin VR which, "enables players to walk around the Bitcoin blockchain – denoted by vector-esque graphics – and see transactions processed through their headsets." Volexus is working on a 3D environment game and AR Token is about content transactions. "Nanome’s main business is the design of VR interfaces for its pharmaceutical clients." Time will tell what role projects like this will take in the advancement of these technologies. 

Decentraland’s blockchain-based world redefines the concept of blockchain data as a form of ownership. As the “first virtual platform owned by its users”, Decentraland wants its users to grab a VR headset and use a web browser to immerse...[Read More]
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