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Using storyframes to create a story for your interface

Posted on: 07/27/2017| Source: http://uxdesign.cc

Every page or screen tells a story. Be it sharing information, persuading to take actions, or explaining what to do next. So why not approach experience design like story writing? This creative director uses text editors as his first step to creating long scrolling pages like landing pages. He asks himself, “How would I explain to a friend, in a conversation or in an email, this thing/topic/product/story I am trying to communicate?” and goes from there. Interfaces can tell stories about things like the business, the service provided, or what is happening in the world. Writing the story out on its own is a good place to start.

Browsing a well-crafted interface is like reading a great story. As designers, why are we not incorporating screenwriting techniques more often into our process? [Read More]
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