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Designing for billions

Posted on: 09/12/2017| Source: http://medium.com

Working on the Facebook News Feed design means making decision that affect literally billions of people. Still, the classic Question, Solve, Validate process works, at even that scale. “Small changes, like a few extra pixels of padding or the tint of a button, can have large and unexpected repercussions.”  So how do they do it? By communicating regularly with users and gaining valuable feedback. Areas that were identified as needing improvement were improving readability on the news feed, making comments more conversational and engaging, and making navigation between news feed stories easier.

Starting late last year, we set out to explore how we could make News Feed more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate. As you might imagine, designing for a community that connects two billion people can pose some unique challenges. As managers...[Read More]
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