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Want to learn app design?

Posted on: 04/30/2018| Source: http://mashable.com

Have you been toying with the idea of leaning how to design apps? You can now take 100 courses for just $30 total. Mashable said, "This bundle includes 100 complete courses and more than 250 hours of content that will teach you how to build your very own mobile app for Android, iOS, or PhoneGap. It also has mock tests, online quizzes, and certificates of completion for every course you finish so you can keep tabs on your progress and show off your skills to future employers." Why wait? Learn these valuable skills now!

A lot of people think they have a great idea for an app. But since most don't know the first thing about building them, many of those bright ideas never see the light of day. If you have a great idea, we're here to tell you that...[Read More]
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