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Posted on: 09/18/2017| Source: http://productgraveyard.com

Sometimes, beloved products just don’t make it. (We miss you, Club Penguin!) If you’re grieving Picasa, Google Wave, or Yik Yak maybe you’ll get some closure by reading their obituaries. Other notable deaths include LimeWire, Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop Touch, Grooveshark, and Secret. The obituary for the beloved Vine reads, “Cause of death: Vine did not catch on as Twitter had hoped so Twitter decided to stop supporting it. Lifespan: Vine was born in January 2013 and it died in January 2017. Remembered for: Vine had a great creator community that made funny and creative short videos. Last known residence: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.” #RIPVINE

Commemorating the most memorable products that have gone away   And finding some alternatives along the way. [Read More]
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