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Katy Perry’s AI

Posted on: 07/17/2017| Source: http://botlist.co

Katy Perry now has her own AI bot on Facebook. We asked if it liked FUZZ but apparently it can’t answer questions yet. It currently works by giving you clickable options after each message it sends you, most of which lead to music videos or gifs of Katy waving. Don’t miss the Katy Perry selfie filters or the FAQ section! Botlist is a really neat marketplace for finding chatbots, from Katy Perry to task management bots or something called Bluto the Bulldog Bot.

Hi! I'm Katy Perry's official bot. Whoa... I'm on BotList now. I would totally tell you a bot joke if I was a comedian, but I'm a bot. HAHAHAHAAHH What? Anyway, description? Blah. Humans are so robotic.  [Read More]
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