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If you hate saying "Ok Google"...

Posted on: 12/18/2017| Source: http://bgr.com

If you hate saying "Ok Google" we have some big news for you. You can now say "Hey Google" instead. REVOLUTIONARY. "There’s no reason to panic if you’ve gotten used to “Ok Google.” Both hotwords will work on Android devices going forward, allowing users to choose whatever phrase they desire to invoke Google Assistant. Android Police explains that, just like “Ok Google,” “Hey Google” will also work with the screen turned off, on supported devices." If you were lucky enough to receive a new Android phone for Christmas, give it a try! Who knows, next you might be able to say, "Hello Google."

If you like talking to Google on your Android phone, you should know the feature now supports a different type of hotword, in addition to the old “Ok Google” voice command. The “Hey Google” hotword is now live, and you’ll...[Read More]
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