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Top tech this year

Posted on: 01/23/2018| Source: http://securityboulevard.com

It should come as no surprise that IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics will be huge topics changing the world in 2018. "IoT sensors and platforms will play an essential part in key business sectors such as healthcare and smart city infrastructures. This will offer countless opportunities not only to improve consumers’ lives, but to automate processes and collect valuable data to improve traffic control, water and waste management, weather assessment, agriculture practices and introduce smart parking, micro grids and smart lighting as well." We will also be seeing this technology incorporated in mobile apps. The next greatest challenge in this field will be keeping this technology secure. 

2018 is the year that IoT, as well as artificial intelligence and robotics, will drive digital innovation and completely transform business models, found a Forbes Insights survey of over 500 senior executives from different countries.   Innovation...[Read More]
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