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Google AR prototype

Posted on: 01/23/2018| Source: http://www.eweek.com

Google is trying to expand the breadth of AR to include more mobile devices. Their new prototype 3D model viewer does just that! "For example, the technology will allow a mobile device user to superimpose a 3D digital image of a couch on the live image of the user’s family room to see whether it would fit. The viewer would let the user do a virtual walk around the couch and get a sense of its scale and to see how it would look from different angles within the room." Google isn't the first to use this technology. We previously reported that both Wayfair and Ikea are using this technology in their apps! Google's prototype goes further than furniture, however. There are a growing number of AR objects and animations that can "interact" with the world around you!

Google has developed a prototype 3D model viewer as part of its ongoing effort to bring more augmented reality capabilities to smartphones and tablets. Google's Article prototype model viewer works on all browsers and allows users to view and interact...[Read More]
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