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Say this five times fast - iOSARHIG

Posted on: 10/04/2017| Source: http://developer.apple.com

Apple has released an update to their Human Interface Guidelines to include Augmented Reality. Ya know, iOSARHIG. This article is a list of tips to design an engaging experience. It covers everything from including instructions and basic design concepts to placing virtual objects and handling problems. The whole article is worth a read as it covers topics and best practices for designing AR from start to finish. One notable tip is to use hints in context when possible instead of instructional text. “Placing a three-dimensional rotation indicator around an object, for example, is more intuitive than presenting text-based instructions in an overlay.” Now go tell all your friends your new vocab word iOSARHIG.

Apps can use Apple's augmented reality (AR) technology, ARKit, to deliver immersive, engaging experiences that seamlessly blend realistic virtual objects with the real world. In AR apps, the device's camera is used to present a live, onscreen...[Read More]
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